Installing WordPress with cPanel

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izmir wordpress expert , we continue our article series. In this article, we will clarify the wordpress migration process, which is one of the curious questions. Let’s examine together how to move locally made sites to hosting, site migration due to the need to change hosting, and how to move wordpress depending on changing the domain name.

In the first stage, we make a backup of our wordpress directory and transfer it to the new location we want to move. Since we mostly use CPanel, I will explain the process of transferring files through CPanel. The main logic here is to move the wordpress directory to the position we want it to run.

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Backup with 1 CPanel

2 Installing WordPress with CPanel

3 Database Backup

4 Creating a Database

5 Database Import

Backup with cPanel

First, we login to CPanel . Then we click on File Manager .

Then we select all the folders and files belonging to wordpress and right click click Compress .

We choose Zip ArchiveĀ  as the Compression Type . The format must be .zip to be able to upload to the new hosting and extract files later.

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Installing WordPress with cPanel

We enter the CPanel of our new host and go to the directory where we will upload the site and click the Download button.

Then, from the download tab that opens, we click Select File and upload the backup we downloaded in zip format.

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Right click on the zip file we uploaded and click Extract .

With the operations we have done so far, we have moved our wordpress site to hosting that will work new. Now we have wordpress database migration process.

Database Backup

First, we go back to our old hosting’s CPanel and this time we go to phpMyAdmin .

We select our database on the left. Then we click on Export and click on the Go button. Thus, we have a backup of our database.

If we are moving our site to a different domain, we make the following change in our database:

( We open our database backup with Notepad ++ . Ctrl + F to search for the old domain to be replaced and replace it with the new domain to be replaced by clicking the Replace All button.)

Click to download Notepad ++: Download Notepad ++

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Creating a Database

To transfer our database, we first need to add new database and database users. For this, we log into MySql Databases from our CPanel.

We are creating a new MySql Database.

We are creating a new MySql user.

We authorize the user we created to make transactions in the database.

We give the User All Privileges.

Database Import

Then we import our database backup.

From File Manager we go to our wordpress directory and click edit wp-config.php file. We write the database name ‘DB_NAME’, username ‘DB_USERNAME’ and the password to ‘USER_PASSWORD’ and click Save Changes.

Thus, we transferred our wordpress site to a new hosting.

In this article, I tried to explain wordpress site migration, wordpress backup, wordpress database backup, wordpress database creation. I hope you see the benefits.

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