What is Domain Whois Information?

Think of a shop without a sign, people can’t find that shop easily, right? Even if they do, it will be unforgettable and difficult to remember. Domain, that is , the domain name is exactly the sign of the websites. Domain is the name of a site, the access address.

What is domain in this article ? , Top-level domains What? , What are the domain extension and are used for? , where to buy domains? We will clarify the curious questions like.

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What is 1 Domain?

1.1 What is Domain Name and Top Level Domain?

1.1.1 Domain Name

1.1.2 Top Level Domain (TLD)

1.1.3 International Top Level Domains

1.1.4 Geographical Top Level Domains

1.1.5 Domain Extensions and Meanings

1.2 What is Domain Whois Information?

1.2.1 Whois Lookup

1.2.2 What is Whois Hiding?

2 Domain Purchase

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2.2 Domains Requiring Documentation

3 Curiosities About Domain

What is Domain?

Names such as www.www.hostinguk, www.google.com.tr, www.sahibinden.com are domains. All of the content ( html , css , javascript , php files, photos and videos etc.) that make up the website are kept on the servers. In order for the website on the server to work, the server’s IP address must be accessed to the directory where the site is located. Ip addresses are identification numbers that allow computers to communicate with each other over the network. Here, a web site is kept on computers that are constantly connected to the internet, whose electricity is not interrupted, that works fast. These computers are called ” server”Is called. In order for the website to work, it is necessary to connect to this server with an IP address. However, it will not be easy to remember and access an ip address such as This is where the domain comes into play.

Thanks to the domain DNS servers, it connects to IP addresses and enables the site to be opened. Thus, instead of keeping a complex number sequence like in our minds, we keep a name like www.www.batuhanozyavru.com.tr. When we type this name in the address line of our browser and make a request, our domain name is directed to the relevant server and brings the site to us.

What is Domain Name and Top Level Domain?

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what is domain

Domain Name

The ” wplimon ” part of the www.www.batuhanozyavru.com.tr domain is the domain name.

Top Level Domain (TLD)

The ” com.tr ” part of the www.batuhanozyavru.com.tr domain is the top level domain. Top level domains are the top level of domain names. The top levels such as com , net , org , info at the end of each domain name and differing are among the most used. Which of these will be chosen depends on the style of the site. Because every top level domain actually means something. However, nowadays, it has become difficult to find a free domain name, and in some cases, the empty one is purchased without paying much attention to the upper levels.

Let’s get to know the top level domains. First of all, these domains are divided into two. The situation is the same for every country. The first is the internationally used top-level domains, the second is the top-level domains used geographically.

International Top Level Domains

These domains are purchased from companies registered in the ICAAN consortium from the USA . In this type of domains, the first applicant gets rule is applied. This means that you have established a company, named Limon Ticaret, and you think the best domain for you is www.limonticaret.com. You can only get this domain if someone has not bought it before you. If he has bought it and is not using it, you can somehow reach out to the buyer and request the domain from him. However, however much money the owner of the domain wants, you will have to make a deal

This has caused domain hunters to emerge and even become a sector. Domain names with high word value and the most commonly used domains such as com, net, org were collected, and most of them were parked idle but waiting for the buyer with high fees.

Geographical Top Level Domains

These domain types have the same extensions as international domains, and the difference between them is that the country code of the country where they are registered is added to the end. This code to Turkey en ‘dir. In other words, the geographical domain for com used in the international environment is com.tr. The most commonly used are com , net.t is , org.t is , gov.t is , edu.t the ‘dir. In the lemon trade example we have given, the domain name www.limonticaret.com can be purchased by the first applicant, but with www.limonticaret.com.tr documents. Domain registration in Turkey METU (Middle East Technical University) is done. METU’s domain search page nic.tr is.

# However, domain purchases are made through brokerage firms..

What is Domain Whois Information?

Whois ( Domain Name Search ) contains the information of the domain name (eg domainname.com or the person and / or organization (company) to which the IP number belongs. also takes place.

Whois information includes various information about when the registered domain name was registered or terminated, the company to which it is registered, and who the domain name owner is. According to ICANN rules, domain name owners are required to enter their whois information completely and completely. Domain registrars give domain registrants the right to edit this information from the administration panel.