One of the first massive Internet services was email.

One of the first massive Internet services was email. Even today, it is essential for most of the tasks and activities that a person can carry out, so creating an account and choosing a platform will be among the needs of every user.

Creating an email account is easy. In fact, thanks to the internet and sites like official where there are tips and tutorials for the most popular email platforms, creating an account is a matter of following instructions and choosing which is the ideal platform for your needs, because there are several and each one of them stands out for more than eresting aspects.

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It all depends on what you are looking for

E-mail is a communication and information reception tool, which from its inception sought to fulfill the same function of a postal mail, but in digital format.

However, at present there are different alternatives and platforms, each of them adding more or less functions and characteristics, which allows us to choose one or the other option, without limiting the main functionality of any free email service, such as is to send and receive information.

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Although there are currently social networks and instant messaging applications, the importance of email in society is incalculable, as highlighted in the report that can be seen at -email-in-our-lives / , so that your choice is not a matter of taste or preferences, but of completely covering the needs and requirements that a user may have.

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Security and protection against spam, fraudulent messages, attempted scams and even spam from other users, are among the features that most recurring Internet users need .

It is risky to have these types of messages in the inbox, so they tend to be a drag on productivity and email organization, so many users look for platforms that have security as a crucial aspect of their promotion strategy, and in that sense, Hotmail is the ideal platform for your needs.


If instead, what is sought is that email is the gateway to a large number of functions, especially focused on the work and academic world, Gmail, from Google, is the platform that gets all the attention.

Your email has enough space for storage, with a very interesting contact and task management , but above all, it is the gateway to the rest of your services, with Google Drive, YouTube and online document editing , as its most outstanding tools.

Today, with the rise of remote work, Gmail has become the email service of choice for many users and companies , due to the facilities and functions already mentioned.


Without neglecting security and features, the third most popular platform for free email services is Yahoo! There was a time when it was the most important company in the world thanks to functions that, for its time, were disruptive and revolutionary, but in recent times it has wanted to maintain a more simplicity-oriented approach, seeking to capture those users who only want a tool to communicate, to receive information and to register for other services that require a valid e-mail address.

If you belong to the latter group, and you want a service that stands out for being very simple and easy to use, Yahoo! it is just what you are looking for.

The era of digital work and social media has only increased the popularity of email. For many people it can be easy to create an account, but for those who need help, on sites like, and choosing the platform that best suits their needs, they will have a solution in less time than they imagine.