This is another fundamental step before starting to create your blog

Brian Clark, editor of  , recommends creating  “valuable content”.  Articulate your main message by offering new readers an introduction and an overview of what they can expect to learn from you.

8. Create an editorial calendar. It is useful to have a content plan! A key element for a good blog is having a list of 7-10 keyword-rich categories. Once you’ve determined the categories (or sub-topics) of your blog, you can plan your content calendar.

 If you’re going to post three times a week, track down ideas for your posts on each of your categories. Create a list of 5 topics for each category. Then, enter your calendar. Five topics multiplied by ten categories and you have 50 blog posts.

9. Do your homework. You have to know the competition. Who is already publishing information that can help your niche? What are they writing about? If blogs in your niche are sparse, this could be a great opportunity to dominate the search engines with your content.

 Finding great blogs will take some time and research. Start at  and search for blogs using your keywords. So use  and  to find the best of the best.

10. Create your blog. Now that the search is over, you know your message and your content is ready to be published, it’s time to get to work and build the blog.

Here begins the fun part where you have to think of two things:

1) Are you a do-it-yourself or will someone build the blog for you?

2) Are you a technician or not? There are many blogging platforms each with pros and cons. If you are a technician, you may prefer  . If you don’t feel comfortable with technology,  TypePad  might be a good option


As you can see, the more preparation and thought you put in your blog BEFORE you start, the more AFTER it will be a success. Once the preparation work is finished and the blog has been created, you will have a powerful marketing tool to be able to create a web presence and attract the right people for your business.

Marketing is not a walk for professionals, let alone newbies!

Despite this, if you have a company or a personal brand and you want to make yourself known, do not be discouraged, in fact, social networks are constantly evolving and it is always the right time to start learning.

I remember when Facebook just came out … People could only share text updates initially; now there are so many content formats such as images, videos, live videos and stories that you can share, to be really crazy!

Consequently, corporate social media marketing is also constantly evolving; for this reason continue to follow me and read the other articles on my site, in order to stay updated on all the new features and the most recent strategies to have SUCCESS on social networks.