How Does Shared IP Affect Site Ranking?

There is strong speculation on the web that shared IP addresses rank lower in search engines than sites with a dedicated IP .

While no one can say with complete certainty – except the professionals responsible for creating Google’s algorithms👑 – some SEO experts have done extensive research to reach server hosting.

One of the biggest advantages that sites with dedicated IP have is the faster loading speed, and it is certain that this adds a positive point when search engines qualify your site.

This advantage also applies when viewing a website from a consumer’s point of view. That is, if a website shares its IP with hundreds or thousands of other accounts, it means that the loading speeds will be considerably slower, which negatively impacts the user’s experience or purchase decision.

Dedicated IP and Hosting

Therefore, hosting on a dedicated server automatically provides a dedicated IP , while shared hosting does not.

When choosing the best type of hosting for your website, you will find companies that do not inform the difference in services: they sell hostinguk , however, they usually host your website on a shared server. 😱

In this case, although you buy a dedicated IP , shared hosting can have the same disadvantages as slow loading and limited control.

Worse, the purchase of a dedicated IP address on a shared server does not protect your site from Google’s “blacklist” if your “server neighbor” is blocked for hosting illegal or pornographic accounts.

These blacklists serve to recognize that the site is on a shared server, despite its dedicated IP , and usually penalize according to the reading of the algorithm.

Therefore, the only way to prevent a website from being taken down by neighbors’ problems (malicious websites) is to host it on a dedicated server with a dedicated IP

Be careful when choosing accommodation!

You’ve seen that dedicated IPs don’t accelerate your site’s performance if they’re on a shared server. This is especially important in relation to SEO.

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The slower the site loads, the more difficult it will be to be indexed by the search algorithms. This leads to fewer internal pages appearing in searches and decreased the site’s SERP ranking and domain authority.

Only close a deal if the website creation agency has a server powerful enough to supply the needs of each client, without affecting the loading speed. If you make sure of that, your site will certainly have the performance it deserves. 👍

Improve Your Placement on Google

But there is no point in hiring a Dedicated IP service if you don’t have a good website.

Avoiding shared IP is an excellent measure, but when it comes to SEO, there are many other features that you need to include in your checklist such as:

The production of quality content that interests your audience;

Responsive design for quick access on mobile devices;

A beautiful and intuitive layout that facilitates navigation, etc.

These are just a few basic factors that put your site at the top of search engines, which obviously requires work and dedication.

So, how about leaving with those who really understand the subject? In addition to providing a Dedicated IP and Secure Hosting, Cia Web Sites develops a website project for your brand to meet the needs of your audience while improving your search position.

Here, we don’t use shortcuts that put your site at risk, we take hosting seriously and provide a credible and effective service.