Winter Suitcase for 1 Week – 3 Tips for Packing Yours

Knowing how to pack a winter bag for 1 week is essential for you to protect yourself from the cold and stay warm throughout the trip. Items that must be placed as a priority – thermal jacket, scarves and gloves, for example – cannot be forgotten.

Check the article for some tips to fix yours!

How to pack winter suitcase for 1 week?

The time to pack a suitcase is always a doubt, especially when you are going to spend a few days. The fear of needing something often causes people to carry excess baggage. And you, are you on the team “better to have than lack” or “I take only the essentials”?

Regardless of which side you are on, knowing how to pack a winter suitcase for 1 week is different than doing it for a warm destination, like the beach.

Knowing that there are pieces that are indispensable to ensure your comfort throughout the trip, see below three tips for storing your luggage and not forgetting anything:

1. Make a checklist

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The place you are going to has many sights or do you intend to stay only at the hotel?

Your checklist should be based on that. After all, if you are going to get to know the city, the ideal is to bring comfortable clothes that allow your safety throughout the tour.

Another crucial point is in relation to the climate. Will you be traveling outside the country or in the national territory? This is because a winter bag for 1 week in southern Brazil is different from what was thought of in Ushuaia , for example.

Some key items that cannot be missing regardless of their destination, and deserve to be on your checklist, are:gloves ;

It is recommended that you take a single amount of each, as the trip is a week sapphire online

2. Place the heavy parts underneath

Cold clothes are heavy, so choose to put coats, jackets and overcoats under everything. That way, you already guarantee their space and can better take advantage of the lighter pieces to go on top.

A tip is to go to the destination with some body clothes. For example, with boots and coat in hand. In addition to vacating a considerable space, you arrive warm at the place.

3. Give preference to neutral colors

When we think of cold clothes, automatically, dark colors see in our mind, right? Black, white, brown and gray are wild cards for any composition.

In addition to combining with everything, the darker shades retain heat and can make your ride more enjoyable.

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