Wearing a pair of sandals transports the mind into a summer mood made of joy and light-heartedness: as summer approaches, nothing more than this iconic seasonal shoe allows you to immerse yourself in the summer and savor the desire for freedom that accompanies it. Once again this year the designers had fun reinventing the sandals, revisiting great classics and proposing new models to offer collections capable of satisfying every taste, as seen browsing the virtual windows of women’s shoes in the main fashion stores. So let’s find out which will be the trendiest sandal models for this summer 2019.

Sandals with heel and strap

They are a classic among summer footwear, but 2019 marks their great return: the sandals with the ankle strap have been re-proposed with heels of various heights, with or without a T-bar, but all emphasize the ankle, co-protagonist of the summer together with this sandal model.

Jewel sandals

In the version with and without heels, the jewel sandals have once again trod the fashion catwalks: embellished with sparkles details, they give light to the foot, give further luxury to an elegant dress and embellish with minimal flair a minimal outfit.

Multi-list sandals or with weaves, knots and laces

If you want to deviate from the more traditional models in terms of sandals, braided laces and straps to tie at the ankle are back in fashion, perfect for interpreting the role of modern warrior princesses in metropolitan jungles.

PVC sandals

One of the most glamorous trends of the moment, as velvet had been some time ago , are plastic shoes . For the summer, therefore, futuristic-looking PVC sandals could not be missing, available in the numerous shades that range from fluorescent to total transparency.

Low and low-ugly sandals

Not even for summer 2019 can you give up ultra-flat models, which are enriched with the ugly variant, sandals with reinforced sole and a few centimeters more, which certainly never hurts. The ugly low sandals represent the summer version of the chunky sneakers; stones, bijoux and leathers transform them into a real fashion fetish: they are sandals so ugly as to be adorable.

Platform sandals

When tall rhymes with convenience: even in summer 2019, those who cannot give up on their stature will find the best ally in the plateau. There are a thousand shades to choose from, but the coolest ones recall the colors of the earth, such as leather. The suggestion for those who want to be noticed, is aimed at more eccentric models, such as sandals with plateau that tie to the slave.

Pointed sabot

Finally, 2019 sees the return of an iconic model like sabots: super practical to wear, they are ideal for any occasion. There are so many variations of sabot to marry with every look: satin ground for casual wear, with high stiletto heel or kitten heels to enhance a pair of jeans or complete a more elegant outfit .

Among the many alternatives proposed by stylists this year, there is no shortage of ideas for any type of taste and combination: whatever your outfit, you will certainly find the right sandal!