How to create and write a blog: small tips to follow

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I bet you have often heard of blogs , even a friend of yours manages one, but in practice what is a blog? What is it for?

In this article I will try to answer these questions, but also to help you create your own. Opening a blog is simple, you can do it for free and if you want to change your profession through inbound marketing , then it is the right time to act!

So what is a blog?

A blog is a sort of personal diary , no longer on paper but virtual, online, in which you can share and talk about everything you want : personal life, passions, work and can be enriched with images and videos that accompany the textual content. It is therefore a personal space where you can share a specific topic with a wider or smaller audience ; the aim is to exchange information, create and spread new “knowledge”.

Why is it useful to start a blog?

The first answer I can give you is simple, for the love of writing! Writing can allow you to get in touch with a world physically far from you, to know different people that, in other contexts, you could never have known. The second answer, not dictated by the heart, is linked to the possibility of being found, more likely, on search engines with specific keywords , SEO always returns!

However, a blog can be a great start to get closer to the world of work, especially if your dream is to become a copywriter . In this case your blog becomes a sort of curriculum where anyone can read what you write, evaluating the style and quality of the content. A blog full of articles with quality content can become an excellent business card.

The blog is not only this, it can also be a powerful personal branding tool and sell your advice for example, but I will return to this very soon.

How do you open a blog and which platform to use to do it?

Opening a blog is really simple and there are solutions, especially free, that can be right for you. First you can create one through a CMS, Content Management System , it is a software tool that installed on a web server allows you to insert, edit and publish various contents such as: articles, images, videos and links in a simple and fast way . A very popular CMS is WordPress , a platform born with the idea of ​​” personal publishing ” and which has evolved, at the speed of light (don’t you believe it? Read here ), in one of the greatest managers of web content. This CMS not only allows you to share your articles, but gives you the opportunity tochange the appearance of your blog through themes and by installing plugins that help make your “space” complete and easy to use. If you need some tips to customize your template then you must click absolutely here .