The cloud is a technology that emerged a long time ago

The cloud has been talked about for a long time but the reality is that not many people know what it is and what it is for. Through this note we will try to explain that and, in addition, what are the most important services that are in it to be able to exploit it to the maximum.

What is it and what is it for?

Technically the cloud, which comes from the English Cloud computing, is the name given to the massive processing and storage of data on servers that house user information. In Creole this means that there are services, some free and others paid, that will store both your files and information on the Internet.

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The idea behind all this was born in the instant access to your data at all times wherever you are and through both mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), as well as desktop computers or notebooks.

Best of all, the cloud was not built for tech savvy people, but for the end user who wants to fix things quickly and easily. For this reason, most of the services that make use of this technology are the easiest to use.

Even if you don’t know it, you are probably using the cloud on a daily basis. One of the clearest examples is email through your browser. When you access your e-mail (Hotmail or Gmail, for example) you have the information on the Internet that you can access quickly. All you have to do is enter a site, enter a password and that’s it: you can access all your emails, contacts and attachments hosted on servers of different companies.

But anytime, anywhere access isn’t the only advantage of the cloud. This paradigm also allows you to make better use of your PC’s resources. Picasa, which is a service to host images, allows you to edit the captures over the Internet (shine, rotate, cut, etc.), without the need to have any software hosted on your computer. In this way, the processing effort is hosted on Google’s servers and not on your PC.

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It is basically a hard disk but on the Internet. The service, completely free, although you can also pay for a premium version. It offers you space on its servers so that you can save text files, videos, songs or any of the things you have on your PC.

The best of all is that through a software they have you can access this digital hard drive through a folder on your desktop or from the Windows, Mac OS X or Linux taskbar.


If you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office, Google Docs is ideal. You will be able to create or edit text files, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files and more. But, in addition to being able to enter from any computer and place, one of the best options you have is that you constantly save the files. This means that if, for example, your power goes out, you don’t lose practically any information and you can continue modifying your files at any time.

On the other hand, Google Calendar is an online calendar and agenda service. It allows not only to organize dates but also to synchronize the information with your Gmail contacts and thus share or invite them to different events. Best of all, those who are more forgetful will be able to configure it to send them an email or SMS notification when they have an important appointment or greet a friend for their birthday.

With both Google Docs and Google Calendar, if you want to use them, you will have to have a Gmail address.

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This service changed the life of more than one person. Grooveshark allows you to listen to music over the Internet completely free of charge. This site is ideal for those who do not have much music hosted on their PC or those prolific who like to listen to new music constantly.

Some of its highlights are that you can share through all social networks not only songs, but entire albums and bands. It also allows you to interact with users who have the same musical tastes or upload your own mp3s to the site to share with your friends.


They are the two most famous image storage services on the network of two of the most relevant companies: Flickr is from Yahoo! and Picasa from Google.

Since digital cameras were born, photography has changed radically but on more than one occasion the captures are lost because, for example, a virus enters the computer and erases everything. If every time you go on vacation or your birthday you upload those photos to the Internet, you will never lose them again and your information will be protected.


It is a platform that, like Google Docs, offers online applications for the office but much more professional and with a greater number of options.

Zoho Writer will allow you to create text documents; Zoho Sheet with which you can make spreadsheets; Zoho Show to create slides; Zoho Wiki to edit wiki files (like Wikipedia); Zoho Notebook that will let you create text documents with videos, audio and images; Zoho Meeting to hold videoconferences between one or more people; Zoho Projectsto manage projects of any kind (assignment of tasks, times to carry them out, people linked, etc.); Zoho CRM is an application to administer and manage with which you will be able to keep an agenda of contacts, tasks, group management and more; Zoho Planner to have a highly organized to-do list; Zoho Chat to communicate with your employees or coworkers; and Zoho Mail which, as the name implies, is an email.

The cloud is a technology that emerged a long time ago and more and more people began to use it to carry out work and save their information on the Internet and not run the risk of losing it. What are you waiting for?