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Vacation sandals: how to choose the perfect shoe

Finding the right holiday sandals is not so simple , also because a summer shoe is not always comfortable and practical to use in any situation.

To make a weighted choice regarding holiday sandals it is important to evaluate the type of holiday you intend to do. In any case, it is always advisable to have at least a pair of sandals for comfortable and quality holidays, which allow you to go to the beach, to walk for a long time, regular use, without forgetting to decorate the foot.

The sandals for the best holidays are generally those of the most important brands, which have particularly interesting features such as robust materials and the sole thick enough to cushion the heel in its movements as we can find in the new collection of Guess sandals that offers beautiful and elegant sandals. Just like the ones you find on Stileo: a site that has a wide choice of sandals and clothes in its catalog, take a look here .

The perfect sandal in any situation

During the holidays we all take the opportunity to relax a bit , but not only. Staying on a Greek island or in the center of a European capital is always much more active than on summer days in the city.

We move towards a cove among the rocks, we go in search of a palace to visit, we walk in the sun to discover the place where we will stop for a while. On all these occasions it is important to have a fresh and comfortable sandal available, which does not lead us to give up fashion, but which also allows us to walk without finding ourselves in the evening with redness, foot problems or pain in the legs.

There are those who solve it by wearing purely sporty sandals for the entire holiday  , on whose beauty, however, it is good not to spend even a word. In my opinion, it is better to prefer footwear that is comfortable, but also has a certain style.

Casual sandals for summer evenings

Bring on vacation a pair of stylish and cute sandals , but also comfortable to wear all day, allows us to have comfortable footwear for the walk on the promenade or in the city center, as well as the perfect one for the evening out for dinner.

Some brands that always offer casual footwear also offer comfortable and functional women’s summer sandals, suitable for any situation. Think, for example, of the beautiful Timberland sandals in leather and cork, or the comfortable but also elegant models offered by Valleverde or Nero Giardini.

We are talking about quality shoes, which allow you to feel at ease in any situation,  also suitable for the summer to dedicate to the most incredible adventures .

Better to avoid the heel

When walking for a long time it is difficult to juggle heels . Unfortunately, the tired foot and leg are more prone to minor injuries.

With a 12 heel it is obvious that even the most banal crooked can turn into an accident that will keep us stuck for days, if not for weeks. For the summer it is better to imitate the ladies who live in northern Europe, who prefer beautiful and elegant footwear, but also comfortable and with a heel that does not exceed 3-5 cm.