Performance and overall feeling

LWS offers a good range of VPS hosting. It covers most needs, whether for small web sites, or very large professional sites.

Like OVH, LWS is a 100% French host that has a datacenter in France . On the other hand, it is good that you know that you will have much less choice in terms of locations. You won’t even have any at all to be completely clear with you.

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Performance and overall feeling

If we were to judge the performance offered by LWS VPS hosting impartially, we would say it is fair, but not at the level of the best.

The availability rate is okay, but the loading time may disappoint some. With the same test site as for our tests at Hostinger, PlanetHoster, or OVH, we found loading times closer to a second (compared to 300 to 500 ms for the very best VPS in our ranking).

What catches up with this mixed feeling is the quality of customer support. During our tests, the agents were always able to be reactive and able to offer us a solution in a short period of time.


hostinguk offers a total of 4 VPS hostings. As specified on the company’s website, each meets different needs.

VPS hosting from LWS © Presse-citron

On the screenshot above, we can see that currently, it is useless to consider the “S” plan because it turns out to be less efficient and more expensive than the “M” plan. Note in any case that whatever your choice, you will have the right to:

Unlimited monthly traffic

A fixed IP address

Root SSH or managed access

A free domain name (.fr, .com, .net, .org, .info, …)

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And in terms of supported Linux distributions, we find: Debian, Ubuntu, and centOS.

4) The email shop

The penultimate member of our ranking and comparison of the best VPS hosting in 2020 is IONOS.

For 2 years now, 1 & 1 has merged to become The email shop. As a reminder, 1 & 1 existed on its side, since 1999. Which makes it a historical web host in France and around the world.

The very big advantage of The email shop over the competition is the number of data centers available in Europe. This will allow you to host your website in the most interesting location for your business. However, are the performance and administration experience at the level of the other members of our list? This is what we will see in the next section.

Performance and overall feeling

The performance and quality of service offered by IONOS are quite good. Although a little behind the top of our ranking of the best VPS hosting.

The availability rate is average with a value recorded over 1 year of 99.991% . While on the loading time and speed side of our test site, we were able to obtain an average value of around 750 ms.

That’s good… but The email shop could do better!

The point that we really appreciated is that it will be possible to run Linux (centOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse) on your server, but also Microsoft (Windows Server 2016 and 2019).

What about customer support and the administration panel? We can’t fault The email shopat this level. The whole is more than correct. Even if this little something is missing to make the administration interface a little more pleasant to use.

But after all, it’s just a matter of opinion, taste, and habit.


If we had to summarize in one word the prices displayed on the The email shopsite for VPS offers: misleading.

In fact, at first glance, you will see amounts such as € 1.20 including tax / month, € 2.40 including tax / month, etc. While in reality, these rates will only be valid for 6 months.

As a result, they will increase more than significantly. So be sure to take this into account when choosing the VPS hosting that’s right for you. This will prevent you from unpleasant surprises after 6 months of use.