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What you need to know first of all about accessing sites that contain “HTTPS” in their address, instead of the “HTTP” variant, is that it is the first thing that those who want to surf online safely should do.

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What does HTTPS mean and how much security can it bring you?

Have you ever thought that the fastest way to turn a popular site into a “ghost town” is to neglect its security? Warnings written in bright red and pages that do not work are not very hospitable ways to greet your visitors on the site. Just like you won’t be able to blame them if they leave your site quickly.


What can you do in exchange for this option? It is better to receive your visitors by offering them a safe and easy browsing experience. One of the main ways you can do this is to simply switch from HTTP to HTTPS. In the year we are in, more precisely in July 2018, Google will force all websites to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS – a protocol that respects much more the security that seriously encrypts. Believe it or not, that extra “S” plays a vital role in protecting both your data and that of your customers.

Last year, the Internet reached an important threshold: according to Mozilla, in 2017, more than 50 percent of all web traffic resorted to better encryption by switching to HTTPS.

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What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is an abbreviation of the phrase “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” and is the encrypted version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the mechanism by which online data exchange takes place on the Internet, the way we interact with sites and communicate. HTTPS is a combination of standard HTTP and various enhanced features in order to provide protection. The “S” actually means “safe.” Increased security consists of two web traffic protection techniques and these are:

Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Secure Sockets Layers (SSL)

What does HTTPS do?
It protects your online information through a multilateral approach, consisting of 3 parts of HTTPS security, and these are:

Integrity : locks connections to avoid any unseen corruption or vandalism of data during transmission.

Authentication : prevents man-in-the-middle attacks by ensuring that the website is the authentic version.

Encryption : encrypts information to protect data transmissions from prying eyes of hackers. All your clients and servers (websites) – have at their disposal a handshake both “public” and “secret”.

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What is the famous green padlock?
While browsing online, you probably noticed a small icon in the form of a padlock to the left of the url. This icon actually represents the security level of the web page you are currently browsing. Think of that padlock as an engine check light placed on a car. It will alert you urgently when there is a problem you need to solve.

These locks are related to verifying the certificates used for the site. Certificates are purchased from a certification authority (CA) and will verify that the site you are visiting is authentic and secure. Certificates can be purchased from a variety of certification authorization providers at different price options.

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Should you use both you and the sites you visit HTTPS?

Yes. But it is important to know one thing: HTTPS encrypts the transmission of your data, but this does not mean that, automatically, your computer is protected against other methods of cyber attack.