Do I need technical skills to handle web hosting?

Starting with March 1, 2018, ROTLD will introduce the annual maintenance fee for all .ro domains, including here both newly ordered and existing domains. The maintenance service will be paid through the ROTLD partner from which you purchased the domain.

In your client account, all .ro domains registered through us and the date on which they expire have been added. The system also displays the date when the invoice will be issued for the extension of your domain. The invoice will be issued for 1 year, and if you want the extension for a longer period, you can do this from the client’s account.

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Until March 1, 2018, you can transfer to us the .ro domains registered with other registrations, free of charge, for easier administration and a preferential renewal price. (we refer to those registered in the old system)

Also FREE, you can transfer on your data all .RO domains rented annually from us, starting today, January 17, 2018!

You will be able to update the contact information from the administration page of your domain, from the client account, Domains section. You will choose the domain name, and then the “Update contact / registrant” button.

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Careful!!! The update is done only once, we recommend you to pay attention to the data entered. Individuals are asked to enter the correct CNP, and companies / institutions / organizations to enter the tax code and registration number at the Trade Register.

We offer this information to facilitate and facilitate the transfer to the new system and we believe that you will find a very explicit description of these steps in your client account.

Do I need technical skills to handle web hosting?

Although you don’t need to be a tech genius to use a basic web hosting service. It helps you if you have at least some technical skills or are willing to learn.

Does the hosting option you have chosen have a good control panel? You will see that it is quite simple to install web applications. Like WordPress for example. Understanding how to upload files via FTP will help you. How? You will benefit as much as possible from your hosting package.

You will also see that you need more detailed technical knowledge. Why? To be able to use a more powerful hosting package and running a dedicated server can be much more complex.


We hope this article has helped you better understand what web hosting means. But also to choose the type of package that is right for you. Having the basics about building and hosting your own site can be a rewarding thing. You don’t have to do everything on your own. GlobeHosting will be here to help you every step of the way!
For the security of the hosting account, we recommend you to change the cPanel / Ftp password and email at least once every 6 months, always update the site created with WordPress / Joomla etc (including themes, plugins) or any other site based on Open source.

Do not use simple passwords, do not save them in files or in places accessible to others (or if you save them in files, use file encryption programs), use only complex passwords consisting of numbers and small and large characters, special signs such as ~! @ # $% ^ & *.

Scan your Windows PC regularly with several antiviruses, including Most problems start with infected computers.

Use secure email connections on ports 995 (pop3), 993 (imaps) and smtp (465)!